EPA opponents have loudest voice on TV news

A recent report by Media Matters, the web-based, non-profit watchdog group that analyzes and reports on conservative misinformation in the US media, shows that climate change naysayers are having the biggest say on top TV newscasts.

According to the report, the three outlets hosting the greatest number of guests – Fox News (FNC), Fox Business (FBN), and CNBC – all featured opponents of GHG regulation at least four times more often than supporters.

The 152 out of 199 elected officials, members of advocacy groups, business leaders, pundits, and others discussing EPA regulation of greenhouse gases   — over 76% — opposed regulation. That’s an astonishing level of slated :reporting” for purported news media outlets to feature.

With the large loss of reporters whose expertise was covering the environmental beat for years, the public has been fed “expert” environmental opinions touted as facts by those with little actual working knowledge of the field. The sad thing is, these top news organizations are peddling these “experts: to the American public as the real deal.

Juxtapose the above statistics with the results of other recent polls – a CNN Research Opinion Poll and a poll by ABC/Washington Post – that showed that 71 percent of consumers favor support continued government regulation of greenhouse gases.

Another case of spin winning out over public preference and demand? Just another day at the office it seems. But, in the end, whose voice will speak the loudest?


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