The PURE Glass Bottle – a great way to stay hydrated

We Americans love our water bottles. Even though we purchased more single use plastic kind last year than the year before, we can’t wait to grab the latest, colorful ones we see on store shelves. Made from stainless steel, aluminum, BPA-free plastic – the choices are mind-boggling.

For those looking for a different, sexy looking portable bottle, check out the PURE Glass Bottle.

The PURE Glass Bottle is a clear, reusable glass beverage bottle. Tall and sleek, it’s tougher than regular glass, fully recyclable and BPA-free.

Introduced in January, 2011, PURE is made with patent-pending SafeShell technology – a clear, protective coating that’s applied to the outside of the bottle, making it slip-resistant and easier to handle than other reusable glass bottles. And the coating is FDA-approved for contact with food.

One plus to having a glass bottle, whether for food or beverages, is, unlike metallic bottles or containers, glass doesn’t add a metallic tinge to whatever’s in it, making food and drink “taste funny”.

PURE bottles come in two sizes: the 17.5-ounce “Traveler” and the 25-ounce Explorer.

The Traveler, which fits into any standard cup holder, features two “lids”, the only part of the bottle that’s not glass. The clear, lower 2½ inch mouth – made from the FDA-approved material Eastman Tritan™ – lets you scoop in food, protein powder or ice. The top lid is a standard twist-off. Both are dishwasher-safe, though you might want to hand wash to have them last longer.

Both bottles are heavier than you’re used to but after you’ve used them for a while, that may not be an issue.

Unlike many water bottles out there, the PURE Glass bottle has no liner. You can use the bottle for both hot and cold beverages, but a word of caution – be sure it’s not too hot to handle!

One of PURE’s selling features is that it’s shatter-resistant and tough to break. It can stand up to hundreds of washings, without risk of discoloration, becoming cloudy, peeling or chipping.

“Until now, says Walt Himelstein, President / Owner of PURE Glass Bottle Inc., “there has not been a glass reusable bottle introduced to the market that could alleviate consumer concerns about injury resulting from breakage, and the inconvenience associated with cleaning up the mess after a bottle breaks.”

When I first received the bottles, there was an extra one in the package that had broken. Thinking someone had done a bad packing job, I inquired about this. I was told this was sent on purpose to show the safety of the bottle. If and when it breaks, the outer layer remains smooth and solid. Only the inner layer might shatter, eliminating the risk of cuts due to broken glass. If a bottle does break, simply toss it (emptied, of course) into recycling. Never try drinking from it.

As good as they are, I have some reservations about these bottles.

I would definitely recommend these bottles – to use at work, at home, in the fridge. I’d even consider taking one in the car. But I wouldn’t take it on walks, hikes or runs, to a gym or workout. And definitely would think twice about having active kids use them. It’s easy to forget and toss it around without thinking. Although no harm done, then you’re out of a beverage!

But, says Himelstein, “as more and more people become aware of it, we are confident it will become their “go-to” bottle for re-usable portable beverage container use outside of the home.

It’s definitely a quality product, and a solid alternative to plastic. Perhaps a little pricey at $19.95 plus shipping, but for what you get – especially the larger Explore size – it’s a nice, classy way to keep you hydrated.

To find out more about the PURE Glass Bottle, see

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