BluApple – the easy way to keep produce fresh longer

BluApple is a simple way to keep fresh produce longer. You can put it in a fruit bowl on the counter or in the fridge

In our throwaway society, everything is fair game. The Organic Consumers Association reports that Americans toss out on average $600 worth of food each year. That’s over 100 billion pounds of fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, and grain products wasted, primarily due to spoilage.

A simple blue ball called BluApple can cut that figure down dramatically.

BluApple uses technology that’s been around for over 30 years and is used by produce growers to control ethylene gas in order to get produce to consumers as fresh as possible.

Ethylene gas is produced by fresh fruits and vegetables as part of the ripening process.  It only becomes a problem once these are placed in the refrigerator or other areas, where the gas becomes concentrated and speeds up the ripening towards spoilage.

The active ingredient in BluApple is zeolite, a microporous, aluminosilicate mineral that’s commonly used in commercial adsorbents. It will absorb ethylene gas until it reaches its full capacity to do so.

Unlike most cases, I’ve not been able to directly test BluApple. But a very trusted resource has shown me several exciting reports about how well it works.

Users have reported that BluApple helps keep produce fresher three times longer than normal. One of the neatest results was with bananas, which we all know ripen way too fast before you’re ready to eat them!

Several reports showed that if you place yellow bananas in a paper bag with a BluApple, the bananas will stay yellow much longer than if left out on the counter or in a fruit bowl. Another report said by placing green bananas with a BluApple in a paper bag, they’ll stay green for longer. You can then just take out what you want and let it ripen. Easy and simple – and no tossing of wasting food!

There are similar reports about fresh berries as well.

BluApple works equally well out on the counter in a fruit bowl or inside the fridge in the bins (drawers to some). It seems to work better in a closed environment where it can draw all the ethylene molecules from the space around it.

The BluApple can last up to three months, keeping even ripe bananas from spoiling so soon!

This amazing device will last up to three months, though it could be a bit less if, like me, you store lots of produce in your fridge. Then you may need to change it more frequently.

Checking to see if the ingredients in the BluApple are still viable is easy. Carefully open the ball, then snip one corner of the packet inside and pour out some of the granules. When they’re fresh, zeolite granules are a purplish-white. When they’ve absorbed all the ethylene they can, they turn brown. If they’re still “good”, carefully cover the packet corner you cut with a small piece of cellophane tape to seal it and keep using it. Then check it periodically to see its color.

When everything’s turned brown, don’t toss the packet. You can use the spent zeolite as a great fertilizer for your houseplants or in your garden. Zeolite granules are a natural soil and the residual manganese dioxide (MnO2) provides essential trace minerals to your existing soil.

It’s a great closed loop eco-system that helps you reduce food waste, save money and helps nurture your soil too!

BluApple is available as a two-pack, as a starter kit that a twelve-month refill supply, or just with the twelve month refills. You’ll find them all online on Daily Grommet at

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