Border Governors Conference 2008 Part 4

According to Dr. Mario Jose Molina, a Nobel Laureate panelist for “A Conversation on Building Green Economies”, economic studies suggest that the cost of implementing new, more environmentally responsible pathways is 1% of the global GDP (Gross Domestic Product). “It’s something we can afford.”

Yet we aren’t moving forward in those new directions at warp speed. Some blame this on the current administration, and there is definitely responsibility to be laid at its feet. Some still say, however, that the technology we need to move forward isn’t there yet.

“Since Edison and the light bulb, there hasn’t been a good energy innovation,” said K.R. Shrider, CEO of Bloom Energy and former advisor to NASA. “And it’s about time,” he said.

When asked by the moderator what panelists would advise the next U.S. President about dealing with climate change, one panelist quoted Gandhi, saying “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

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