A Greener Report Card for the Electronics Industry

In these days of rampant greenwashing, consumers have been dealt a winning hand by the Consumer Electronics Association.

The CEA’s recent “Environmental Sustainability and Innovation in the Consumer Electronics Industry Report” http://www.ce.org/PDF/Sustainability_Final.pdf 
analyzed  20 corporations, including many of the largest consumer electronics sellers in the world.
The report paints a positive picture, including lower manufacturer energy consumption and improved cradle-to-cradle design.
Some of the results are truly impressive. One company reduced their electricity use by 58% per employee, while increasing their employee base by 60%! Still another company reduced electricity usage by 46% per million dollars (revenue), as they increased their overall revenue by 43%.
Clearly, wise energy management can engender greatly improved company health, contrary to what naysayers loudly protest.
Look at part 2 for more details.

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