The Energy-efficient Vireoo Outdoor Heating Lamp

The Vireoo outdoor heating lamp combines a tabletop with a radiant heater

The weather may be warm but it’s definitely Fall out. With coolish evenings, sitting outdoors doesn’t seem so appealing.

You might have one of those tall heating lamps that isn’t too efficient and takes up space. You get too hot, turn the lamp off, cool down, then turn it on again.

A much better solution is Mensa Heating’s new Vireoo outdoor heating lamp. This unique outdoor lamp combines an electrical radiant heat lamp with a built-in tabletop. Introduced in Europe in 2010, GreenChance Inc., Mensa Heating’s exclusive distributor in the U.S. and Canada, has just introduced here in the States

The Vireoo is safe for everyone - evey babies won't get burned by touching it

The Vireoo’s all-in-one outdoor heater and table is unique to the industry. Its compactness reduces the amount of space needed to use it. But there’s an even more important plus.

“It is safe to touch,” said Crystal Ramdial, Marketing Associate for GreenChance. You won’t get burned when it’s on, she said.

That makes it safe, especially for kids and infants, who always want to reach out and touch something.

The reason it’s always cool to the touch is the custom made, 400-watt quartz shortwave bulb inside – the most energy efficient infrared light with a 92 percent efficiency in producing radiant heat. The bulb is protected by a shield, making it safe even for use with premature babies. It doesn’t splay energy – and heat – out into the air as other outdoor heaters do and manufacturers tests have shown that it generates 80 percent less carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions than traditional gas heaters.

The Vireoo heating lamp warms people and objects, not the environment, said Ramdial. It warms up quickly and keeps its heat at a comfortable level.

A directional heater, Ramdial says “it works with your body’s own heating system. It warms you from the legs up, not the head down,” she said.

The Vireoo tabletop outdoor heating lamp is available through GreenChance

Mensa Heating’s Vireoo outdoor heater comes in two versions. The Vireoo Home and the Vireoo B2B.

The Vieroo B2B has features the Home version doesn’t. Its motion sensor shuts on and off when necessary. It also has the capability of networking up to four tables together. Both these features make them perfect for restaurants and other outdoor customer-oriented venues that want to take advantage of outdoor seating.

Networking the tables requires using a special serial connector cable, one end of which plugs into the base of the unit, the other plugs into the next table and so on until four are connected. All four will run off of one electrical plug. Only four work together due to limitations of our 110-volt electrical system.

The Vireoo has shown to be a real energy saver. According to the company, forty active Vieroo tables consume as much electricity as an outdoor propane gas heater. Mensa’s heat lamp averages five cents per hour of electricity versus a propane gas heater averaging $2 in that same timeframe.

You can network 4 Vireoo B2B tabletop heaters together and still save on electricity

The price of Mensa Heating’s Vieroo is a bit high. But, says Ramdial, its unique build makes it worth it.

“You will have the initial outlay,” she said, “but over time you’ll be able to recoup your costs fairly quickly. (And) you save with your running costs!”

To be comfortably warm on a brisk day and be able to enjoy the outdoors – and have a low carbon footprint – Mensa Heating’s Vireoo is a great fit. To learn more about this unique outdoor heater or to order, visit

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