Enjoy chlorine-free summer fun with ECOsmarte

The ECOsmarte filtration system, courtesy of ECOsmarte

The ECOsmarte filtration system, courtesy of ECOsmarte

As we shift from spring into summer, dreams of summer pool parties dance merrily through our heads. Preparing your pool for summer fun means loading it with harsh toxic chemicals. With so many of us wanting to lead healthy lifestyles, going that direction makes no sense.

There’s a more efficient, healthier alternative.

ECOsmarte pool and spa filtration systems sanitize your pool or spa through copper ionization, delivering chlorine-free, non-toxic water.

Used for centuries to disinfect liquids, solids and human tissue, in ancient Egypt (2000 BC), copper was used to sterilize water and wounds. Ancient Greeks prescribed it for pulmonary diseases and for purifying drinking water. During World War II, Japanese soldiers put pieces of copper in their water bottles to prevent dysentery.

ECOsmarte’s water filtration system replaces water softeners, conditioners, iron filters, chemical feeders and taste and odor filters.  Available in over 100 countries on 6 continents and in all 50 states, it eliminates toxic chemical fumes and their annoying effects including red, itchy eyes, itchy skin, green hair, chlorine or salt generated from chlorine in your pool or spa.

The copper ionization process was discovered by NASA in 1964 for the Apollo space mission. Unable to take chlorine into space due to limited space constraints, they utilized copper ionization to clean the water on board the spacecraft. In 1994, ECOsmarte began marketing it as a filtration system for pools, spas and municipal water systems.

photo courtesy of ECOsmarte

photo courtesy of ECOsmarte

Made in the U.S., this innovative system utilizes tiny glass pebbles as filtration. It’s the only glass media used for filtration that’s all recycled glass.

This system’s beauty is its efficiency.

“You save so much water with this system,” said Kerry Strom, co-owner of Eco Nor Cal, the northern California regional dealer for ECOsmarte.

This system saves 25 percent or more on chemicals, saves 75 percent of your water, and it filters to 9 microns, she said.

“It’s all around better for the environment,” she added.

A great example is filter cleaning.

Pool owners generally have to backwash every other week. Strom notes she only has to do this about every 8 weeks. And because it’s a sanitized system, you can drop the backwash right on your lawn!

“Do it with a regular pool filter backwash and you kill your grass,” she said.

ECOsmarte's installed spa system, photo courtesy of Eco Nor Cal

Though not fully automated, the ECOsmarte’s spa system can be used for both spas and pools. Photo courtesy of Eco Nor Cal

ECOsmarte’s installed spa system

Think salt water pools are environmentally friendly?  Think again.

The special generator they require pulls chlorine out of the salt, leaving you with salt AND chlorine, a highly corrosive combination. It ruins tile and the chlorine is toxic.

There are several types of ECOsmarte systems – a fully automated version for pools and one for spas.

A unique feature not seen in other pool filtration systems, the home-based system automatically adds CO2, reducing the ph and balancing the water.

You don’t have to add acid, said Strom. It operates at a neutral ph of around 7.0 versus standard pools that operate at between 7.6 and 7.8 ph.

Many municipal fountains utilize this CO2 feature.

The spa system doesn’t have the “extra” feature, so you’ll need to flip the switch once a week to add the copper.

The copper ionizer chamber. Photo courtesy of Eco Nor Cal

The copper ionizer chamber. Photo courtesy of Eco Nor Cal

You could use the spa system for swimming pools, Strom says, as long as you’re willing to flip the switch weekly.

Strom isn’t only a dealer. She’s owned the ECOsmarte system for the past three years for her own pool and saw how simple it was to use.

“Our personal, annual, water savings calculation is 914 cubic feet ($510) by having (this) GLASS PACK media filtration system,” she said.

Sheri Silk, one of Strom’s spa customers, said “Having a chemical free spa has been amazing. With our old system, I had to deal with dried out skin and all that is long gone.”

To learn more, if you’re in northern California go to Econorcal.com or contact Strom directly at 530 340-0500. Otherwise go to the company’s website at ECOsmarte.com .


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